Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Blind Gun - Radio Theater

The Blind Gun from Mutual Radio Theater aired March 24, 1980 starring Corey Burton and Vic Perrin hosted by Lorne Greene. Mutual Broadcasting System acquired the Sears Radio Theater in December 1979 renaming it Mutual Radio Theater, and debuted March 3, 1980. It was to run for 13 weeks on almost 300 stations. The shows were then to be repeated over the summer and fall. It proved to be fairly successful and another 8 weeks of original programs were added; this was followed by another 8 weeks of repeats. The series was broadcast in stereo, making it the only commercial radio network drama program in the nation to use this technology at the time. Great writers were employed for this series including Arch Oboler and Norman Corwin.

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