Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cimarron - Hallmark Playhouse

Cimarron from Hallmark Playhouse aired on September 9, 1948 starring Irene Dunne. Cimarron is the title of a novel published by popular historical fiction author Edna Ferber in 1929. Ferber was also the author of Giant that starred James Dean. This epic Western won the 1931 Academy Award for Best Picture and was the first Western to win an Oscar, the only western to win until The Unforgiven. In the story Yancey Cravat, a frontiersman, newspaper editor, and former gunslinger brings his young bride Sabra to the wild Oklahoma territory to taste the adventure, crusade for social justice, and leave his family for years at a time. The Oklahoma Land Rush, also called the Cherokee Strip Land Run, plays a pivotal role in the story. The desperation of the settlers involved in the rush provides for great drama and and outstanding story. How many westerns have been made where every settler is desperate to stake his claim on the best piece of land with water?

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